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Eco-Friendly Documents Enclosed Wallets – Protecting Documents and Protecting the World

Eco-Friendly Documents Enclosed Wallets – Protecting Documents and Protecting the World

Our eco packaging revolution continues as we continue to add more products with environmental credentials.

This time it’s a product perfect for these post Brexit times, where suddenly every shipment needs even more paperwork. Especially shipments to Europe and Northern Ireland, which previously required minimal customs notices.

All of this paperwork is normally placed into a Document Enclosed Wallet made of single use poly-propylene. Made in China, travelling thousands of sea miles and while being recyclable; it probably isn’t as much as we would like it to be! They aren’t great for the planet.

But we have found The Green Solution…

Simply paper.

Tenzalopes Green Documents Enclosed Wallets are made from paper and a bit of eco-friendly sticky stuff.

Eco-Friendly Documents Enclosed Wallets Made From Paper
Tenzalopes Paper Documents Enclosed Wallets -Eco-Friendly

The paper gives at least the same level of protection in transit as the plastic version, but without the carbon footprint and much easier recyclability.

Made from sustainably sourced paper in Europe, they have substantially lower sea / road miles. While being made from paper, when paired with a cardboard box, require no separating before putting in the recycling bin.

However, if they do end up in land fill (we really hope not) they are also bio-degradable (being simply broken down by the natural microbes in the soil).

But are they as good as the plastic version?

We hear this all the time from our customers when showing them an eco-alternative. And we can honestly say these are better than the original, hands down.

The paper is thicker than the plastic version, with no loss of clarity, giving extra protection. The adhesive is super high tack without solvents or any other nasty chemical.

These eco-friendly documents enclosed wallets work wonderfully with our FSC accredited self-adhesive kraft paper tape. Combined these with a cardboard box you have a great eco-friendly packaging option for any online seller.

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