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Recyclable Tape – An Eco Revolution in Parcel Tape

Recyclable Tape – An Eco Revolution in Parcel Tape


2020 will probably go down in history for all the wrong reasons (we’re working hard here not to mention the words pandemic or Coronavirus).

However, there were some positives this year…

Back in February 2020, when the UK only had 23 confirmed COVID cases and everything was “under control”, The Packaging Bubble visited the Packaging Innovations show at the NEC in Birmingham. And one word stood out to us: ENVIRONMENT.

Now talking about the being green or eco-friendly in the packaging community isn’t really anything new. Yet, in the last year the term “single use plastic” had become more and more a hot topic. You’re probably aware of all the work done to reduce usage of plastic bags but one of the biggest uses of single use plastic in e-commerce packaging is tape.

Recyclable Tape - Stikky Tape Kraft Paper TapeNo more plastic packaging tape?

Until 2020 non-plastic based tapes were the domain of the big ecommerce boys requiring gumming machines and huge rolls at high initial cost. The show literally showed us the future, suddenly bio-degradable recyclable paper tape was everywhere. It was self-adhesive and it was affordable for even the smallest budget.

So with great pleasure we would like to announce the launch of Stikky Tape kraft parcel tape. This self adhesive tape has a hot melt high tack adhesive making it perfect for sealing cartons and boxes. While the plastic free construction, made with FSC responsibly sourced kraft paper, can also be recycled with the box or carton. No need to separate before disposal and waste time.

There’s no need for scissors, dispensers or even teeth. Being made from kraft paper simply tear and stick in place for effortless sealing. However, once in place the recyclable tape forms a strong flexible seal that resists ripping and tearing in transit.

Handy size formats allow easy switching from plastic

Finally, it’s available in 4 sizes. 25mm is perfect for replacing traditional plastic sticky tape in gift wrapping or the office. 38mm and 48mm perfect for cartons and boxes. While, 78mm is perfect for sealing heavy weight cartons.

We’re no where near finished with eco-friendly products either – we will be adding more and more over the next few weeks!


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