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Gladiator Aluminium Foil Tape 45m x 48mm 72mm 96mm

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Gladiator Self Adhesive Aluminium Foil Tape in a variety of widths.

SKU: TAP000030


Genuine Gladiator branded Aluminium Foil Tape, is a heavy duty tape with high tack rubber adhesive. Allowing it to stick to almost any surface while ensuring maximum performance and quality.

This multipurpose Gladiator tape is suitable for interior or exterior use. Gladiator duct tape being waterproof, UV resistant and cold weatherproof down to -30°C.

Aluminium Tape is 30 Micron thick, flexible and strong making it easy to use while providing good insulating properties.

The long length of 45m and variety of sizes gives excellent value for money and gives a range to choose from so it can better suit your needs than ever.

Our different sized widths include: 48mm, 72mm or 96mm.

Additional information

Roll Size

48mm x 45m, 72mm x 45m, 96mm x 45m

Pack Size

1 Roll, 2 Rolls, 3 Rolls, 4 Rolls, 5 Rolls, 6 Rolls, 12 Rolls, 18 Rolls, 24 Rolls, 36 Rolls


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