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Bagasse Chip Trays – 6″ x 8″

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Bagasse Compostable Large Chip Trays  – Eco Friendly
6 x 8″ (20.2cm x 15.3cm) 1″ deep
SKU: CHI0001


Bagasse Compostable Large Chip Trays  – Eco Friendly
6 x 8″ (20.2cm x 15.3cm) 1″ deep
These large trays are ideal for chips, pasta, noodles, cookies, falafel, pies, cakes, salads, kebabs, quiche, open tacos, hotdogs and a wide range of hot and cold foods whatever the season!
Great for takeaways, cafes, restaurants, stadiums, cinemas, concerts, festivals, weddings, parties, concerts, museums, catering events, sports events etc.
Made from bagasse which is a sugar cane bi-product which looks and feels like cardboard but is fully compostable and biodegradable and sturdy and strong
They are suitable for freezing and also to use in the microwave up to 120 degrees c, also water and grease resistant so ideal for lots of food purposes
Available in a variety of pack sizes and bulk value packs
Please note there my be slight manufacturing tolerances between batches and colour differences due to the manufacturing process and/ or colour resolution on screen as viewed
Please note x1 sample tray is for x1 sample tray only

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