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Barrier Hazard Warning Tape Non Adhesive – 70mm x 500m

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Yellow and Black Barrier Tape Non-Adhesive

SKU: TAP000020


Yellow and Black Barrier Tape Non-Adhesive / Hazard Warning Tape
Extra Long Rolls 70mm Width by 500 Metres
Ideal for securing your events, marking areas secure or marking out safety areas. 
Ideal for building sites, schools, events, concerts, roadworks, nurseries, sports events, cordoning, room or area access blocking
Can also be reused
Strong, long rolls and ideal for use in all weathers, please note the tape may become thinner/ fade if subject to high intensity heat 
Please note a 1 metre sample is for sampling and testing purposes and will not be sent on a roll
Please note that there may be slight manufacturing tolerances between the measurements per roll and also the colour between batches

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