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Clear Hinged Lid Salad Containers

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Plastic Hinged Salad Containers with built in hinged Lids

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Plastic Hinged Salad Containers with built in hinged Lids
These plastic salad food containers are a convenient no mess solution for all of your takeaway, baking, catering or storage needs – leak and spill proof at capacity
100% see through, 100% recyclable and reusable so less wastage!.
Available in sizes 150cc, 250cc, 375cc, 500cc, 750cc, 1,000cc, 1,500cc and 2,000cc capacities to suit your requirements
Sizes below please note there may be slight manufacturing tolerance between batches so these are for guidance and approx. only:
150cc 10.5cm x 10.5cm x 3cm depth
250cc 10.5cm length x 10.5cm x 4.5cm depth
375cc 10.5cm length x 10.5cm width x 6.7cm depth 

500cc 13cm length x 13cm width x depth 6cm

750cc 19.5cm length x 12.5cm width x depth 5.5cm

1000cc 19.5cm length x 12.5cm width x depth 7.5cm

1500cc 23.5cm length x 17cm width x depth 6.5cm

2000cc 23.5cm length x 17cm width x depth 9.5cm

  • Ideal for takeout and food storage, great for food transportation to your customers or family etc.
  • Perfect for restaurants, cafes, home and catering businesses
  • Ideal for catering events, festivals, takeaways, catering business, weddings, parties, family events
  • Resistant to moisture and grease
  • Easy to stack and store
  • Available in different Sizes and quantities as required to suit your needs
PET Plastic
Fast free dispatch and bulk value packs available

Additional information

Container Capacity

1000cc (X Large), 1500cc (X X Large), 150cc (X X Small), 2000cc (X X X Large), 250cc (X Small), 375cc (Small), 500cc (Medium), 750cc (Large)

Number of Containers

1x Sample Container, x10 Containers, x100 Containers, x1000 Containers, x150 Containers, x20 Containers, x200 Containers, x2000 Containers, x25 Containers, x250 Containers, x30 Containers, x300 Containers, x350 Containers, x400 Containers, x5 Containers, x50 Containers, x500 Containers