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Pulp Tec Cardboard Moulded Corner Protectors 70mm 110mm

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Genuine Pulp Tec Eco Friendly Cardboard Corner Protectors, 70mm and 110mm.

SKU: COR00001


These Genuine Pulp Tec Corner Protectors feature a unique ribbed design, which help to dampen vibrations, absorb impacts and dissipates shock energy. This helps to limit damage in transit.

Pulp Tec Protectors are ideal for protecting items. These include furniture, mirrors, doors, windows, picture frames, radiators and building materials.

Easy to use thanks to no assembly or training needed, simply place on the corner that needs protecting.

Super environmentally friendly. The cardboard material is produced from 100% recycled paper while still being 100% recyclable and compostable.

Available in sizes 70mm and 110mm.

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110mm, 70mm

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