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Recyclable environmentally friendly loose fill peanuts for easy product protection in transit.

SKU: VOID00002


These Master In recycled packing peanuts are of the best quality and an easy way to go green. Great for transporting goods, house moves or long term storage.

Eco friendly being made from recycled polystyrene. Plus they can then be recycled again and are completely reusable. These void fill recycled packing peanuts are an economical and practical way to package items, while still providing long lasting protection. Being are not effected by humidity they are great for sea freight or long term storage.

Quickly fill gaps and space, with no training required, while increasing crush resistance due to their unique interlocking shape creating high vibration resistance, as a result reducing damage during transit.

Save time, money and mess thanks to almost dust free construction and extremely low weight keeping transport costs low. Depending on recycled source material peanuts are either green or white.

Also available in bio-degradable format.

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