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Pacplan Airwave Pillow Biodegradable Eco Friendly Paper Air Pillows 150mm x 210mm x 300m


Eco-friendly paper air pillows. Recyclable, reusable, biodegradable and compostable.

SKU: AIR00001


Pacplan Airwave paper pillow, is a great way to turn your air pillows eco-friendly. 100% plastic free – they are an easy swap for traditional plastic air pillows. Plus they use all the same machinery.

Made from recycled paper and starch, they are bio-degradable, recyclable, home compostable and reusable. The starch layer ensures the air remains trapped in the pillow until no longer needed.

All the benefits of standard air pillows, meaning they are reliable, efficient and on-demand void fill, that not only cushions products but also helps prevent movement.

Despite their paper construction they maintain the light-weight of the original plastic version and remain highly durable meaning they can be reused.

These 150mm x 200mm air pillows are on 300m rolls meaning approximately 1428 pillows per roll, machine not included.