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Tenzalopes Penalty Parking Charge Notice Wallets

From: £1.99

2 Styles of parking charge notice wallet envelopes from Tenzalopes. Protect your valuable parking spaces, while protecting your paperwork with these self adhesive wallets.

SKU: WAL00010


Penalty parking charge notice wallets from Tenzalopes. These rectangular wallet envelopes provide a quick and easy way to issue penalty charges. The yellow background and black text ensure this wallet cannot be missed.

Available in with 2 texts:

  • Penalty Charge Notice Enclosed
  • Parking Charge Notice

Both penalty parking charge notice wallets issue warnings that unauthorised or people who aren’t the driver should not remove the notice.

The high quality envelope provides great protection from dirt and water, ensuring the contents are easily legible when opened.

Self adhesive backing quickly sticks to glass and is removable without leaving residue.

Suitable for home or commercial use. Size 130 x 120mm.

Additional information

Notice Type

Parking Charge Notice, Penalty Charge Notice

Number of Wallets

x1 Wallet, x10 Wallets, x100 Wallets, x1000 Wallets, x20 Wallets, x200 Wallets, x2000 Wallets, x3000 Wallets, x5 Wallets, x50 Wallets, x500 Wallets, x5000 Wallets