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Sealed Air Recycled Bubble Wrap Roll Small Bubble 750mm – 50% Minimum Recycled

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Economical and highly effective recycled Sealed Air branded bubble wrap for ultimate protection of products in transit.

SKU: BUB00005


Sealed Air small recycl bubble wrap is a high quality bubble wrap but made from a minimum of 50% recycled material. This bubble wrap is from the original maker of bubble wrap. Giving high levels of protection while keeping costs and weight low, it’s perfect for protecting items in transit or as void fill.

Each bubble is powered with AirCap technology. This prevents airloss under pressure – resulting in enhanced protection and reusability. Less popping more protecting. This allows it to resist crushing and be reused or give improved protection.

Made with a minimum of 50% recycled content you can help cut your use of new oil plastic instantly.

Totally clean with no dust. This gives a fast, cost effective and high performance solution.

Please note that due to the recycled content colour variation can occur in the bubble wrap.

Key Features:
Roll Length: 10m to 100m
Roll Width: 750mm
Material: Polythene (50% recycled minimum)
Bubble Size: Small

Large range of roll widths, lengths and bubble sizes available.

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100m Roll, 10m Roll, 25m Roll, 50m Roll




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