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Xtegra Tegrabond Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser – BP500


An all metal electronic manual water activate tape dispenser. Simply tape at the press of a button. The BP500

SKU: WAT00004


The BP500 Xtegra Tegrabond electronic water activated tape dispenser is a compact and rugged unit. Perfect for small offices to medium sized warehouses and shops. The small footprint means it can fit almost anywhere. Suitable for tapes 25mm to 76mm – standard or reinforced.

Water activated tape, sometimes know as gummed tape, is the preferred choice of large ecommerce companies. This BP500 electronic water activated tape machine is suitable for small enterprises and through to big warehouses.

Colour coded pre-set buttons dispense exactly the correct amount of tape. Already moistened by the 1.3 litre water tank for instant adhesion.

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  • Minimum/maximum tape width 25-76mm
  • Maximum roll length 183mtr
  • Maximum outer roll diameter 165mm
  • Dispensing speed 1.14mtr per second
  • Integral 1.3 litre reservoir and wetting system evenly activates the adhesive across the whole tape width
  • Meets or exceeds UL CE and CSA safety standards
  • Power supply 220V 50Hz
  • Power consumption 500W
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 457 x 305 x 267mm