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Xtegra Tegrabond Manual Water Activated Tape Dispenser – BP333


A heavy duty, all metal  and electricity free and easy to use manual water activate tape dispenser. The BP333

SKU: WAT00003


The BP333 Xtegra Tegrabond manual water activated tape dispenser is a compact and rugged unit. Perfect for small offices to medium sized warehouses and shops. The small footprint means it can fit almost anywhere and requiring no batteries or cords it can be placed in any location. Suitable for tapes 37.5mm to 76mm.

Water activated tape, sometimes know as gummed tape, is the preferred choice of large ecommerce companies. This BP333 manual water activated tape machine lets small companies get the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Soft touch tape delivery, with an easy push function, makes it easy to use and minimum training. While the 1.3 litre refillable water tank holds plenty of water and can dispense up to 76cm of tape in one press

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