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Xtegra TEGRABOND Reinforced Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape 70mm x 100m

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Instant adhesion and reinforced with glass fibre to ensure no box bursts open in transit. Uses just water to make a permanent bond to cardboard.

SKU: TAP00039


Water activated tape, also known as gummed tape, is a wonderful environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging tape. Xtegra Tegrabond tape is reinforced with glass fibres, improving rigidity and burst resistance way beyond plastic parcel tape.

The water activated tape when wetted makes an instant bond when applied to cardboard. The kraft paper and cardboard form a permanent bond. This bond creates a highly visible tamper-evident seal, that cannot be removed easily.

Easily recyclable with cardboard – no need to separate before recycling.

70mm wide and 100m long, almost twice the length of a standard roll of parcel tape.

Choose between value for money EPS80 dispenser or advanced BP222 manual dispenser.

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